Posted on Monday 2nd March, 2020

Proposed Changes to BMTA Constitution



Dear Members,

The BMTA Board Management have conducted a review of the current Brisbane Metropolitan Touch Association Constitution. We engaged John Mullins of Mullins Lawyers to undertake this review. Mr Mullins has extensive experience in relation to such matters.

Members are aware of difficulties which exist within the current Constitution which we have sought to address in the new document. The draft document can be accessed at the above links.

BMTA is an incorporated association and we have not changed the nature of that. We have sought to be clearer in relation to who is a member, what are their voting rights and who is entitled to exercise those voting rights on behalf of the member. Due to the nature of our organisation, these matters are complicated and we have spent a considerable amount of time considering the options available to end up with the final proposal.

We have introduced the notion of Team Members where teams are the Members and each Team has a Team Delegate who will exercise the voting rights of the Team Members.

We have changed the term of “directors” to be two years, with two being elected in one year and three in the other year. The change to two year terms with approximately half coming up each year, obviously is highly desirable from a continuity point of view.

We have been clear in relation to the status of a participant and the rights which attach to that participant.

These changes of course will not be adopted unless passed by a special resolution at a special general meeting to consider the matters. No date has been set for this meeting at this time, as we wish to obtain feedback from the member prior to finalising the draft to go to the meeting.

At the conclusion of the formal business of the Association’s Annual General Meeting on 24 March 2020 at approximately 7:30pm, John Mullins will be in attendance and we will conduct an open forum for discussion on the proposed changes to the Constitution.


Yours sincerely,

BMTA Board of Management