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Becoming a basketball referee can be a challenging and rewarding career or part-time occupation and an opportunity to improve your communication, confidence and decision making skills.

To start the beginners course, you must be 14 years of age and have a willingness to learn.  Courses are traditionally run twice a week for two weeks (or four sessions) and cost $70 which includes registration whilst an Apprentice, a whistle, a green shirt when promoted and course materials.

The course will outline the positioning of a referee, the explanations of fouls and violations, the different types of fouls and violations, signals for a referee and different terms referees use.

Courses are routinely run for all referee levels.  Please click HERE for further course information.

All referees are coached and observed regularly by a team of Referee Supervisors, Coaches, Adviser and senior referees who all provide feedback and solutions to areas for improvement.